Dairy & Farm

Farm and Dairy: the authenticity of the chalet

Inside NestAlp Campo Malga you will find our dairy, traditional, with wood boilers. We make local half-fat cheese, butter, “Casolet” (presided over by Slowfood), ricotta cheese, yogurt and milk.

Our guests can join the dairy farm activities and visit the old chalet museum with its original instruments and furniture.

From the Pasture to the Cup

Fresh drawn milk can be drunk of course but also transformed into chalet cheese or butter, two excellent foods whose traditional and genuine flavor can be discovered here.

That is why every chalet has its own little dairy where milk is transformed into chalet cheese and butter.

Would you like to know how the cheese is made? Come find the casaro (that’s how the dairyman is called) who will show you all the secrets of the caserada, the traditional technique of cheese making.

The animal farm

Most of the products we use are produced by us here at NestAlp Malga Campo or in our farm.
The farm is the protected home of our animals during the winter season.

Part of the meat we use in our restaurant comes from our animals.

We also have bees, which allows us – with their work – to produce a wonderful mixed flower honey, the same one you will find at the breakfast buffet at morning.

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