Change your life: shepherd for a day!

Offer available from June, 4th to October, 9th

Save it for a rainy day

The alarm clock rings very early in the chalet, long before the sunrise. That is how the shepherd’s day starts, because in the stable the cows are waiting for him to milk them.
A genuine and plentiful breakfast will pay back your efforts and the early wake up, but right after it is time to walk the cows to the meadows where they’ll spend the whole day grazing the tender, green grass at 2000 meters altitude, surrounding Malga Campo.

What does this offer include?

  • Half board stay at NestAlp Malga Campo
  • You will enjoy the farm activity for an entire day
  • You will help with the milking and will walk the cows to the pasture
  • You will assist at the “caserada” (cheese making)
  • An evening snack with coffee and cake
  • A typical candlelit dinner in the chalet museum
  • A free chalet caciotta (cheese wheel)

Offer price:

2 days starting from
€ 184 for 2 people

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