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Discovering Old Crafts

Offer available from June, 4th to October, 9th

The "Casaro’s work":

The casaro (cheesemaker) is the one who knows the art and techniques to produce the first-milk derivative, cheese.
Cows at NestAlp Malga Campo have a very healthy lifestyle, based on local grazing, to help them to produce a very high quality milk, from which the chalet’s cheese is made.
Our cows are milked twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. They sleep in a comfortable stable and the shepherd takes very good care of them.

All offers:

  • Half board stay at NestAlp Malga Campo
  • Visit to the chalet museum and chance to assist to the caserada (cheese making)
  • Chalet’s cheese and honey tasting
  • A typical candlelit dinner in the chalet museum


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€ 184 für 2 Personen

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